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Classes We Offer

SSDA offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our class descriptions below to find the one that best fits your needs.




Our exclusive program for 2-4 year olds, with 30 min classes in 3 styles:

  • JAZZY JUMPERS: a lively introduction to jazz technique with a focus on rhythm and beat

  • BALLET BELLES: exploring basic ballet technique through an enchanting fairy tale experience

  • TINY TAPPERS: a noisy, clapping and counting class with child-friendly tap plate shoe fittings provided to each child, to enable the experience of wearing real tap shoes


              Ballet - Grades            


Our Ballet classes follow the ATOD Syllabus and students can do exams in this. Ballet is a strong
foundation to build dancing technique. We believe Ballet is needed to be a resilient and capable dancer. From the little test grades that teach Ballet positions and creative movement through imagination and mime, to Gold grades that teach complicated footwork and expressive motion, Ballet is a great way to become a solid dancer.


      Ballet - Adults     


We have adult Ballet classes which change every 6 weeks to keep fresh and to allow for beginners to progress and dancers that are returning to dance to grow. Classes are fun and all abilities are catered for. This class does not follow the ATOD syllabus but has a strong ATOD influence.


           Hip Hop           


Taking the Hip Hop technique and style each week, students learn a new Hip Hop move every week and get to practice it  This class is high energy and focuses on the style of Hip Hop through out the class. We currently run a Boys' Hip Hop and an Open Hip Hop, and all abilities are catered for.



At SSDA, our Jazz style dance classes are a bit of a fusion . We have taken the technique elements of Jazz and combined it with funky rhythms and the street style dance of today. No Jazz class is the same, and at SSDA , a big emphasis is placed on fun and creating a progressive and innovative style of Jazz.




At SSDA, our Tap classes are run by the lovely Miss Nicole, who is a brilliant tapper. We do offer Grade Tap following the ATOD Syllabus. However, our Open Tap classes practice all tap technique while using new music and funking up the tap steps. Again, all abilities are catered for in our Tap classes and we even run Senior Citizens' Tap classes.



Our Contemporary classes are a great way to express yourself through movement and a great creative outlet . These classes across all ages get to explore different ways of moving through dance. Differing music and fusion of styles collaborate to create SSDA's particular Contemporary style, transitioning often
from technique into free expression movement.

  BBB (Barre, Bands, Balance)  


This is an adult class that is based on the ballet barre technique and using that technique to build strength and length. Bands are used for resistance and balance is the yoga / stretching component to the class. This is a SSDA-exclusive program that we have created for an all over body workout and for those that want that lean and strong body.




At SSDA, we are lucky to have Miss Ally, who is a Gymnastics Australia coach who is running our Acro program.  Acro is movement (dance) based, teaching students tumbling , tricks , lifts and Acrobatic skills. Classes focus on fun , flexibility, strength and learning new skills.


  Performance Troupes  


At Shooting Stars we offer Performance Troupe classes to all students. As long as students are enrolled in at least 2 technique classes a week, the students are able to participate in Troupe. We have a Senior and Junior Troupe. The class works through strong technique building skills and creating a performance attitude, working as a team to showcase and perform at various performance opportunities. 


Musical Theatre


Musical Theatre is a dance-based class that is mixed with strong performance skills and focuses on all dances from theatre. Students learn how to be a character and bring those characters to life through dance and performance. So much fun!


Mixed Genre - Adults


Mixed Genre is a changing adult class, moving through different styles of dance. Every 5 to 6 weeks, we shift focus to a different style - jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, lyrical etc. Experience is not essential, but having fun and staying fit is what these classes do provide.

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