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  • We are no longer selling SSDA-branded uniforms, but these can continue to be worn in class

  • School colours are black or navy. 

  • Ballet classes will require a leotard in any school colour, pink ballet stockings, and long hair must be tied in a bun. Ballet skirt/shorts in school colours is optional.

  • For all other classes, please wear tights/leggings and fitted tops in school colours as to better correct technique (helps legs and posture to be seen). 

  • Footwear: Pink ballet shoes for Ballet classes, socks for Contemporary, black jazz shoes/sneakers for Jazz and Pom, non-marking sneakers for Hip Hop, black tap shoes for Tap.

  • Most clothing can be purchased at major retailers (Target, Kmart, BigW) and shoes at speciality dance stores such as Anything Dance in Campbelltown, The Dance Essentials Co in Bowral, or Bloch in the city.

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